February 18, 2009

Ft Worth Zoo

Waiting for Daddy to come out of the reptile exhibit. Mommy's morning sickness didn't like the warm building. And, you can see Olivia's scrap on her forehead! Ouch!

Parrots in the tree on the left

Sleeping lion on the left

Ice Cream break!!

Ryan signing 'fish'

Female hippo

Ryan surprised me a week before my birthday telling me we were going to take a trip to TX. Since he had my actual birthday off this year, due to President's Day, he took us to the Ft Worth Zoo!! It was a lot of fun. After a rough night in the hotel Thursday with a little one who just won't sleep, Friday went very well. Here's the funny part. We were awakened at 0530 with a phone call from our security company saying the motion sensor went off...darn cats trip the alarm again. So, Olivia was up very early but was able to get a good long nap in before we left for the zoo. We ended up putting her in the bathroom in the pack 'n' play so the light wouldn't keep her up...it worked.

Once arriving at the zoo, it was in the 70s but overcast so the weather was very pleasant. We went all over the zoo, looking at the elephants, chimps, goats, lions, and bugs. Olivia's favorite exhibits were the birds. She kept signing 'bird' for parrots, geese, ducks, eagles, owls but to her they are all birds. We did end up having a little accident. Olivia somehow tripped on her own toes or a pothole, but she took a dive head first into the concrete and scrapped her forehead up pretty bad. Luckily, she was distracted by the animals to cry for very long...mommy forgot a pacifier in the van.

We enjoyed lunch at the park, and got some ice cream before heading back to the hotel to open presents. The day was very nice and she wore herself out walking around the park pushing the jogging stroller. It was the best birthday ever!!

P.S. Just have to add this because it is so funny. We saw the great silver-back gorilla poo along with an orangutan. Also, the last exhibit we saw were the chimps who were feeling very sexual that day since, on accident, we caught two of them on video pleasuring each other. Caught us by surprise and was really funny.

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