February 4, 2009

Electricity Out tThe Ears!

Ok, so I think I've been complaining here on the blog a bit more than I should. Pictures are few just because nothing really has happened although that's not really a good excuse.

Anyway, so I got our January electric bill and it was over 1000 kwh's more than last month. We don't understand why such a jump. To be honest, the construction workers have been known to steal water and electricity and there is a new house nearly finished right next to our property. We suspect they took some electricity while we were gone for Christmas vacation, but there's no proof so we just can't hand the builder our bill.

Another thought was the ice storms we've had and the really cold weather but here's the kicker. Our neighbor keeps her house at 70* while we keep ours at 67* (65* now that the bill was so much higher) and yes our main living space is slightly bigger and faces south with more windows but that shouldn't make our bill so much higher. The rate of fuel didn't change so we are at a total loss.

Not to worry, we are able to pay our bill, it just frustrates us not knowing if this is our fault or someone else's. The only thing we can do is try to consume less energy and hope next month's bill decreases by quite a bit. I even replaced the light bulbs we use the most with energy efficent bulbs and our bill still increased.

On a brighter not, since I don't want this post to be all negative...the doctor told me over the phone I am 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant. That's right on the money for what we had suspected. This means by my calculations that the due date is September 25, 2009. I'm fighting to get a first trimester ultrasound performed to verify the due date (standard of care at Fort Sill is one ultrasound at 20 weeks and that just isn't going to hack it for us, and we are unable to go off base for care even though there are Tricare Prime approved doctors in town...that's a whole other story for all the military wives reading this). My first appointment is the end of Feb, some silly group educational appointment that everyone who has kids says is rediculous.

And that's an update!


The Whitefields said...

Ouch! That stinks about the electricity bill. I've heard of construction workers "stealing" electricity. Same thing happened to my sister. I would definitely keep an eye on them if they're still working next to your property. Hopefully next month's bill will be lower and it will all be water under the bridge :)

And I'm blown away about Tricare. ONE ultrasound at 20 weeks?! That seems entirely way too far along in the pregnancy to make sure the baby is healthy! Wow. Well keep us updated on your first appointment, ok?

And P.S. nothing going on is a good thing!!! I have to remind myself of this when my routine gets quite...routine :)

Tina, Ryan and Olivia said...

Yes, I'm going to prepare myself for a fight to get my first ultrasound. It's the Army and this hospital is one of the worst places to get care in the Army. I trust the doctor's, many friends have had baby's here, just have to push hard for what I want. Updates will follow. First appointment isn't for a while still.