February 5, 2009

Correction about Electricity

Finally, called the electric company because the final reading for January was higher than what the meter actually said yesterday. Turns out due to the ice storm we had last month, the meter reader could not come out to our house so they estimated what our usage would be based on Jan. 2008 usage. Problem is, the previous owners were in this house and used a lot more energy in the month of Jan. that we do. So, the meter reading for Feb. should even itself out. Friend of mine said she remembers the lights being on all the time with the previous owners lived here...so I have an idea as to how much there were spending every month for electricity which is ridiculous.

Yes, the construction workers have stolen water and electricity from our neighbor's, who promptly handed their bills to the builder, but we've been lucky. I've locked up the water spouts and electric outlets (although the month of Jan had the locks off most of the time) for a while as to prepare for the worst.

Everything is undercontrol and we feel much better knowing that Feb. should be a much smaller bill.

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