April 23, 2011

Hoppy Easter

I know I forgot my last Mommy's Monday Memory, but I got the stomach virus the Friday before and have been chilling out recovering.  My awesome Mom came down to help with the kids, then got sick herself, and stayed healthy enough for one day to travel home.  I love you Mom!

Today we ventured on base to partake in the Easter Egg Hunt.  As most of you might know, it's sponsored by MWR, which is funded by purchases made through the PX and around base.  Well,...the public is invited to these events and I disagree with inviting them completely.  Parents ran, shoved, and pushed their way to collect as many eggs as possible (there were additional big money prizes in some eggs), leaving us single parents trying to get our kids to an area with eggs, just to have rude children grab the eggs from under my kids feet.  I will miss my friends here at good ole Ft Sill but will be glad to live someplace where the military is appreciated a bit more...wait, that's the MCCS, thanks goodness!

The only redeeming quality of the day was seeing Olivia's huge smile when she ran up to say hi to the Easter Bunny. 

Justin was a bit unsure of the whole Easter Bunny situation.  He never cried, just did not want to even sit next to the big Bunny.  I did not force him, and he seemed cool with me trying to sit him next to the bunny but that was it.  After Olivia finishes watching "The Great Mouse Detective" we'll make banana bread muffins, hard boil eggs for the hunt tomorrow and make Daddy's Welcome Home sign.  Busy, busy, busy, but well worth the headache!


Anonymous said...

...and when I arrived home, Tina had arranged to have a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for me, it made my day, made me smile. I love you Goldilocks, thanks. MOM

laura said...

cute pictures! i'm so glad ryan was able to arrive home and spend a bit of easter with you guys, i know it was a long few weeks without him. sorry to hear about the ruined egg hunt on base. i agree with you in that the public should not have been invited. what a bad idea! i can only imagine how anxious you are to get back to a marine corps base! and i don't blame justin about not wanting to sit next to the easter bunny, they always look kinda scary!