April 12, 2011

surgery postponed

We've decided to postpone Olivia surgery until after we move.  The surgery center here is not set up to accommodate young children.  They stated I was not allowed to stay with Olivia while she was being sedated. Sedation occurs in the OR which is sterile and I'm not allowed in the OR.  What kind of place doesn't accommodate scared children.  The least they could do was have some oral sedative, or gas mask available in the pre-op area so parents can comfort their small children.  I was just shocked and no body seemed to care.  They're reaction to my frustration was just boggling, and it seemed they didn't understand why I was hesitant to send my fully awake child into a strange room with masked people to have a gas mask applied for sedation.  The nerve!!

Oh wait, that's right, I live in southwest Oklahoma, the most hick place on earth! But all is not lost.  I confirmed with Tricare West I can get Olivia's referral process started immediately upon moving, found a Children's Hospital and Clinic's of MN facility that accepts TriCare and new patients.  Plus, after explaining my situation, the nurse at Children's just giggled, informing me that I stay with my child for mild sedation before they are taken into the OR for deeper sedation.  Gotta love a place that deals with scared children on a daily basis! Plus, a nurse friend here didn't understand why I couldn't be with my child in the OR.  She stated parents can be sterilized for entry into the OR, no problem!!

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