April 2, 2011

no april fools...we're under contract

We are now under contract, yipee!! Buyers want to close May 3rd, so there is lots to do between now and then.  And like most military moves, I'm doing this on my own.  Already set up TMO to come and pack us out, and will be paying friends in beer and pizza to help me move all our stuff back to the house from the storage unit.

FYI to all my military friends, did you know that legally the moving company contracted by the government CANNOT enter a storage unit to repack its contents? That's correct, the military member is responsible for pulling all the contents out of the unit, and opening all the boxes.  The packers pack stuff back up to their satisfaction, then the military member moves it all back into the unit.  Repeat the process for the next howevermanydays until everything is finished.  Needless to say, it's easier in the long run to move everything back here.  Besides, I can at least put boxes in the house in the rooms they are supposed to be in, that way everything should be in the right spot for unpacking.

On a brighter note, the kids are really enjoying the nice weather and their time outside.  The temps are finally getting warm from morning til night.  And our electric bill dropped about $100 this month, again with the yipee!!

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lnwhitefield said...

How exciting! Congrats! I really didn't think you'd have a hard time selling because your house is beautiful. So where are you going to be living after May 3rd and before you come here?