April 6, 2011

surgery is scheduled

Our little Princess SweetPea is getting her tonsils removed next Wednesday.  Nothing like waiting til the last month in town to take her into major surgery.  However, she's been having trouble breathing at night and we've actually heard her stop all together. It was time!

Since she was in the NICU the first 10 days of her life due to breathing problems, and a specialist did confirm she still had Striders  (don't know if I spelled that correctly) when she was just a few months old, we were concerned she had not outgrown Striders. 

After switching her to a toddler pillow, her nighttime breathing seemed to get better, but I just wanted an expert opinion.  Upon her examination, the ENT doctor confirmed she had Kissing Tonsils.  When she is just about to fall into deep sleep at night, her throat relaxes and her tonsils drop into the back of her throat and touch.  This competely blocks her airway causing her to wake up just enough to roll over.  I don't know how often this happens at night but the ENT doctor said they had to come out. Apparently, they are very very large.  I didn't even ask, and the doctor didn't even offer, to have to do a sleep study. That's fine with me!

So, next week, Nana's coming to help and SweetPea is going under the knife.  I remember my surgery in 2nd grade to get my tonsils removed and I remember eating a lot of ice cream and having a really sore throat for about a week.  I hope she can stay comfortable and I can keep enough liquids in her to keep everything moist and prevent any further discomfort.


Am Ampersand A said...

Aww, I hope she's okay! Fortunately you went through it yourself so you can help her through it.

Stacy said...

Poor little one. Tina,as you know, it's not major surgery, she's going to do great!!! All I remember about my tonsils coming out what the laughing gas and going to the mall to buy a play dough set for being brave :)