November 20, 2008

Correction and Olivia's Sick

My wonderful sister pointed out to me this morning that I called the large animals in the refuge by the wrong name. There are bison...not buffalo...roaming the vast expanse of the refuge. LOL, I get it but the locals think those that say bison are crazy and people down here are just that...crazy. Buffalo are in Africa and bison are here in North America. Well, it was still an enjoyable day watching the bison/buffalo in the park.

Oh, and this morning at 4am, Olivia woke up throwing up everywhere. After an early trip to Walmart for Pedialite, she is sleeping soundly. It's the first time she's actually been throw up sick so she's not feeling so hot. Hopefully, this will pass soon and I won't get sick.

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The Whitefields said...

I love the wildlife refuge pictures! I wish I would have known that was there when I visited Nick in Lawton some years ago. By the way, thats an awesome self portrait you took of yourself in the car with the bison behind you...or did Olivia take that? :) Glad you two had a great day out! At least you were able to do that before she got sick :( Poor baby!