November 15, 2008

Welcome Lydia Cagle!!!

Travis, Lydia and Sarah Cagle

Proud New Dad!!

Finally together after waiting for so long

Ryan and I, along with Olivia, welcomed Lydia Cagle into this world last night at 12:39am. Ryan's sister Sarah, and her husband Travis, called at 5am yesterday morning telling us it was time and they were heading to the hospital. After receiving news Sarah was 9cm at 4 pm yesterday, we thought for sure Lydia would say hello before midnight. However, she had other plans and after 3 hrs of solid pushing by Sarah, a c-section was performed as Lydia just would not fit. So many people are excited to meet Lydia, who was 6 Ibs 11oz and 20 inches, although our turn won't come until Christmas time. We are so proud of Sarah for being such a trooper and sticking it out until the time came to go into the OR. Travis and Sarah have an adorable baby girl and we are so happy for the new family of 3!!!


The Whitefields said...

Welcome to the world, Lydia! Love the name!

Stacy said...

Yey, Congratultions to your sister-in-law.