November 19, 2008

Not Much

There isn't much going on here at the house. Finally, the weather is cooling off which gives us a much needed break from the AC...which at times has been on during the day this past week. We really need to put heat film on all the window's facing south to help keep the living room cooler. Right now around 3pm there is a defineate temp difference between the living room and the hallway.

Oh, we had a security alarm installed just a few weeks ago. Ryan and I are getting used to turning it on in the evening and when we leave the house. It's nice to feel safe and secure (more so actually) when Ryan is at work.

Olivia is growing like a weed and finally hit the 20Ib mark. She's now legal to sit facing forward in the car. Also, she just under 31inches. We find it ironic that she is so tiny when her parents are so tall.

That's all for now. Must clean the kitchen and start preparing to host the December coffee for the Marine wives...what have I gotten myself into? Oh, I love it.

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The Whitefields said...

Glad you guys got an alarm system and you feel a little more secure while Ryan is away!

And you're right-Olivia is a TINY girl but I think thats what makes her so cute and look like a doll!

Good luck with the December this your first one? Hope you've met some awesome Marine wives in the sea of all those Army families! Take pictures!