November 19, 2008

Wichita Wildlife Refuge

Olivia and I went exploring the Wildlife Refuge 3 miles from our house today. I wanted to see buffalo since they haven't been out the last few times we've past through, and we found 2. Both were right by the road, darn near 100 ft from the car, and Olivia did see them from the back seat. The buffalo pictured below was laying down at first and was taking a dirt bath by kicking its feet into the air to get his/her back...quite a sight to see. Then it rubbed its huge head against the poll it was standing by...I think you can even see the rub marks from other buffalo. They are huge and the last time I remember being so close to one, I was 4 or something and camped out in Yellowstone with my family. We also checked out the visitor's center and Olivia enjoyed the children's section. It had interesting information about learning the various animal's scat...guess what that is? Poo!!

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