January 28, 2011

unseasonably warm

Get this, for the past 2 years, around the last weekend of January, the state of Oklahoma has had a bad winter storm.  The first year we were here, power went out for 4 hours and the roads stayed clear.  Last year, we lost power for over a week, lived in a hotel, the kids and I flew home to recover and we had no water once the power came back on because the pumps were still busted.

THIS YEAR, this last weekend of January is unseasonably warm.  Enough so that the kids were out in summer clothes because it hit 75 degrees.

carried that bat everywhere

Attempting to ring her bell

she's getting so darn tall

As I am getting the kids dressed, I am excited because Olivia's crocs from last summer still fit but I realized Justin does not own a pair of summer shoes.  Duh, he's never needed them because last summer he wasn't even walking, silly mommy!  I end up taking the kids out for a run, I ran and they chilled out in the jogger, and we met Ryan at the end of his run.  Running as a family is so much fun!!  Can't wait for summer weather and to be rid of this Oklahoma winter wind.

Oh, but the good news ends there.  In three days, we are going to drop into the 20s and our little old Highway 62 will be the dividing point for snow to the north and ice to the south.  That highway is only a mile north of our house as the birds fly, actually, not even a mile.  We just hope that this storm is not very bad and the weathermen are correct and the temp will rise fast again to the 40s on Wed.

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