January 12, 2011

Auntie Katie

Finally, after over a year of being away, Auntie Katie has come for a visit!!!  It was such a pleasure to have her here, if only for a while.  She works and travels all over the world so doesn't get to see family very often.  Our parents visited her a few times over the last year in several locations but I haven't seen her since Justin was 10 days old.  Sure, we skype but its just not the same.  She flew into Dallas to visit a friend and drove up here the next day.  We immediately went out shopping, WITHOUT kids!!! A visit to the PX was a must to see what deals we could snag. She was in dire need for a new set of sunglasses, and we each ended up getting the exact same pair.

We tried on tons of clothes! She, again, was in dire need of some items that only the good ol US of A can supply and I never get to try on anything when the kids are with me.  Did we use seperate dressing rooms? Of course not, we're sisters! We took over the largest dressing room then made fun of the clothes that didn't fit us.  This beauty was actually really cute on me, but a tad small in the shoulders.  Not to mention the gigantic smiley face on my chest...um, no, not going to work!
loved the shirt...
i got eyes for boobs
Olivia was in heaven because there was someone here that would play a bazillion games of Candyland.  Aunt Katie was so nice and played til colored cards came out her ears. She was so patient with Olivia and helped her when she missed a space or something. 

more games...this time Pretty Pretty Princess
The first night she was here we took her up to Meers for their world famous Longhorn Burgers, plus I really didn't feel like cooking.  It's only the second time we ate up there but I just had to take her.  Such a hole in the wall, she loved it! With all her travels around the world, she gets to partake in many culinary experiences I just thought this was too good to pass up...unique location with unique food. Who knows, maybe she'll eat abroad and find someone else who actually knows what is in a Meersburger.  The next day we spent doing absolutely nothing! It was so nice.  She got to relax and I had help with the kids, mwhaaaa!
 Since she spent Christmas in China this year, we saved her gifts and had the kids help her open small, travel ready items...a calender and perfume! Her time with us was limited but we're rather boring so it was ok.  Haha, seriously though, she loved hanging out and playing with the kids and just relaxing.  We went to bed early and got up early with the kids.  Katie got much needed rest after burning the candle at both ends for a while and traveling half way around the world, and away from her boyfriend (who's a really great guy)!!  The last day, I made her an appointment with my hair stylist who cut and colored her hair.  Traveling abroad means you can't always find a stylist who can speak enough English to convey to you she knows NOT to chop off all your hair and color it purple.  I love her new cut and the color was fantastic.  We ate at Atlanta Bread Company, said our "good byes til next time" and sent her off to OKC to fly back up north.  We love you and miss you already, Aunt Katie!!!
"Sisters Sisters, There were never such devoted sisters"
Olivia was really upset but wouldn't smile so she got tickled

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