January 15, 2011

Oklahoma City Zoo

 Before returning our Pike Passes, we decided to make one more run up to the city to get some running shoes.  Since it was such a nice day, we surprised the kids with a trip to the zoo afterwords.  Olivia wanted to see the elephants, Ryan wanted to see the lions and Olivia told us Justin wanted to see the monkeys.  I just wanted to have fun (and see the elephants, too). 
 With the temperature around 50 degrees, not many people were out and about...including the animals.  As we passed the giraffe enclosure, some maintenance workers were putting up an extra fence so the giraffe's were inside their big barn.  Had to come back to see the giraffes later, bummer!
yup, just like in the refuge
 With the winter being construction season at the zoo, some paths were closed to build bigger and better animal habitats.  One walkway closure was near the American Bison exhibit so Justin got to run around and loved putting his little hands through the chain link fences.
 There was also the sunbathing Kangaroos.  The male kangaroo was sprawled out on his back with his crown jewels for the world to see.  Olivia, being the inquisitive little 3 year old she is, asked what's that between his legs? Ryan and I had no idea what answer to give her, so we just told her the truth.  "He's a boy and those are his balls." She seems satisfied with that answer and proceeded on down the path.
olivia with the female kangaroo
 It started to get late and we hadn't eaten lunch yet so we headed over to the Lion exhibit before making our way out of the park.  The kids loved looking at the lions and had even more fun playing monkey by climbing all over the bronze statues. 
 The best part of the entire trip was seeing the bobcat up close and personal.  He (or she) kept pacing in the exhibit (I actually felt a bit sad for the animal because they pace due to boredom or stress).  Justin and Olivia got a kick out of having this big kitty cat so darn close to their faces.  Actually, I got a kick out of it too.
stopped just for me!

Due to the construction, the elephant exhibit was closed.  Don't know where the elephants were being housed, but their exhibit was getting revamped and construction workers were everywhere.  So, we hiked back to the other side of the zoo to see the giraffe's who were finally let out of their barn, yeah!

kids are tired and didn't want to face the camera, what's new?

               Then I remembered that we took the kids pictures on an elephant at the front of the park.

And that the baby elephant statue was across from the elephant enclosure that last time Ryan and I were at the zoo, waaaay back in 2005.  So, why aren't the elephants here at the front of the park in their old home instead of the Red Rhinos? Well...a friend said they were shipped up to the Tulsa Zoo to try and mate.  Let hope they're successful because Olivia was very disappointed she couldn't see the elephants. 

It was a great day and a great adventure for the family.  It was Justin's first time at a zoo and we think he actually asked, "what's that?" outside the hog exhibit.  Our baby boy is growing up way to fast.  But, we did get so see some elephants, from the San Diego Zoo and their LiveCam of their elephants.  Check it out!

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