January 7, 2011

...Like Father Like Son

The doctor loved his shirt!

We have a growing, healthy baby boy!!  Justin had his 15 month well baby check up today and he's tall and lean like his father.  He weighed in at 23 Ibs (25th percentile) and is 32.5 inches long (90th percentile)!!  I do hope though his head stays in proportion to his body since his father grew so fast his metabolism couldn't keep up.  So far, I think we're doing okay.  Justin was giggly the entire time, playing with the eye light and ear checker thingy. 

He was such a trooper getting his two shots, one of which I could visibly see on his face hurt more than he thought it would.  The nurse was wonderful and held Justin tight in her arms like she was already comforting him, and had his legs pinned down the edge of the table against her belly.  By far she's my favorite nurse at the office for giving out painful shots.  She's even the one who asked if he loved his sweet potatoes and carrots because she could see his nose was a bit orange.  That just made me giggle.
Olivia at 15 months
Justin has out paced his sister since birth.  I looked up her old records when we got home and at 15 months, she was a huge 18Ibs.  Then at 16 months she was 19Ibs (10th percentile) and 30 inches (25th percentile).  Even now, at 3.5 years young, she only weighs in at 28 pounds.  They are getting harder and harder to push in that jogging stroller but that just means I'm getting stronger and stronger!!


Stacy said...

Good growing, Justin! He's such a big boy. Coop has that stethoscope shirt too. Gotta love Target!

Sarah said...

Awesome growth Justin! Tina, you posted the other day you wanted to know who read your blogs. Well, we do. Miss you guys and hoping your upcoming move goes smoothly.