March 11, 2011

We're Expecting

Olivia and Justin will become a bigger sister and big brother in November 2011.  We are expecting bundle of joy #3 and are so very excited! In keeping all three kids (wow, first time I've said that, and it feels pretty normal) about 2 years apart, now is the perfect time.  On top of that, Ryan will be deep into EWS, our family routine will be set and adding one more to the hustle and bustle won't be a problem!  At Ryan's Change of Command yesterday, he announced we were expecting and everyone was so surprised and happy for us.  It was grand!

  So far, I haven't had any physical symptoms but I am sure that will change soon.  My dreams became very vivid and crazy, my first indication I was pregnant even before the test came out positive.  I'm trying to keep my eating under control since I always seem to crave sweets and give into those craving during my first trimester.  Although, making my own version of IHop pancakes complete with cherry topping and whipped cream for breakfast isn't helping, but it tasted so goooood!

 Upon telling Olivia she was going to be a big sister again, she responded by questioning whether or not she was going to get taller.  She really didn't understand what I was talking about, but now has slowly figured it out.  She's requested a baby sister!  I have the whole time on video and crack up each time I watch it. 

And here's the picture of two semi-sane people before the crazy life of moving, pregnancy, a hot summer, and 3 kids take over our lives.  Oh, wait, we've already started the process, haha.  We love our family!!


Am Ampersand A said...

Congratulations, Super Mom!

The Slominski's said...

Congrats! People don't have enough kids anymore...glad to hear you're going to have a 3rd!

Erika said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! How exciting :)