March 31, 2011

second showing's are nerve racking

So we've had some great interest in our house and we're actually getting a second showing today.  It's a man who flew in from out of town and has kids about the same age as ours.  Ryan and I figure he won't be leaving the area without putting an offer in on a house, we just want it to be ours!!  The cool thing was his realtor asked our realtor if we 1) are a short sale home (answer is a big fat NO), and 2) if we could close in 30 days. We CAN close in 30 days, YES YES YES!! I really hope he puts an offer in on the house.  I've already started thinking about what has to happen if an offer is accepted and asked my mom to come down and help.  Take care of two kids, while pregnant and having to watch packers treat our stuff nice, defineately deserves some help.

But I'm already getting ahead of myself because the man hasn't even come yet for his second showing.  I'm just wishing, hoping and praying he'll put an offer on the house.  The first couple that loved our home are locals and are taking their time. They didn't see our house for a second time and said it was over priced, WHICH IT IS NOT!! They just want everything for nothing, which we're not willing to do.  So my hopes lie with this new buyer to is actually coming for a second showing.  I'm more hopeful because his realtor called last night around dinner time telling me about coming by again today. That's good news, right?

So, I'd better wrap this up and finish wiping down the kitchen and vacuum.  SOOOO excited...don't get my hopes up, don't get my hopes up...crap, my hopes are up!!


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