March 29, 2011

our little fish

So far we have one little fish in our family.  Olivia is currently taking swimming lessons on base.  She gets the biggest smile on her face, loves to kick her legs and say, "swimming swimming swimming, i love swimming!" Since I have get to be with Olivia during lessons, Justin hangs out with his awesome babysitter, Maggie, the CO's eldest daughter.  She's great with Justin and he enjoys her company.  They hang out at the track at the gym during lessons, and are back in the car before Olivia and are finished getting dressed.  Although, today is cold and rainy so I think I'll just put the DVD player in the car and they can watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together.

The funny thing is, as much fun as the swim lessons are, Olivia takes after me and does not like to put her face or head in the water.  I remember vividly as a child just not liking to get my hair wet.  Don't know why either.  During Olivia's lesson last week, the teacher introduced her to holding her breath and putting her nose and mouth in the water.  she did great the first try but then breathed in while her nose was underwater and started to choke.  I think she started herself a bit and didn't want to try again.  It's nice having someone else tell her what to due during lessons, so I can just refer back to, "the teacher said to try this, we must listen to the teacher." It helps a lot! I ment to have Olivia practice in our huge master bathtub over the weekend but alas she did not.  Hopefully, today the pool is a bit warmer and she'll enjoy putting her head in the water while wearing her new swim goggles.

On a side note, I think my morning sickness has kicked into low gear.  I don't feel sick, per say, just really don't want to eat anything (but I do or I really feel sick) and just want to sit and do nothing.  But, with two other kids, that doesn't get to happen, so at least the house is always clean and I can enjoy their company.

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